Studio Elvis van Tomato was established in the spring of 1996 in Szczecin as a result of the merger of two small design studios, Kakadu and Cytrus. From the very beginning, the idea was to combine artistic activities associated with music production, recording CDs and demo materials with commercial (advertising) activities. Taking advantage of the fact that commercial radio stations began to appear on the local market, such as Radio ABC and PSR, the studio began to grow up. Based on these stations as well as Polskie Radio Szczecin, the studio began to dynamically exploit the radio commercial market. Soon contacts were established with most of the actors and lecturers from Szczecin. We conducted professional castings and hired copywrighters, and the studio became self-sufficient in the production of radio advertising. We would like to thank all actors, musicians, lyricists and producers for their cooperation, without which we would not have such a rich offer. Actors with whom the studio cooperated: Kasia Bujakiewicz, Jacek Polaczek, Bożenka Furczyk, Grzegorz Młudzik, Konrad Pawicki, Ewa Sobczak, Kasia Bieschke, Arek Buszko, Paweł Żychowski, Wiesław Łągiewka, Przemek Walich, Zbyszek Filary, Adam Dzieciniak, Michał Janicki, Sławek Kołakowski, Jacek Piotrowski, Katarzyna Sadowska, Maria Dąbrowska, Ania Januszewska, Grażyna Madej, Magda Myszkiewicz, Paweł Niczewski, Wiesław Orłowski, Tatiana Malinowska, Jacek Zawadzki.
Then, radio and television Voiceover Talents joined the team, including: Stanisław Heropolitański and Jaromir Sosnkowski.
Do roku 2000 studio wyprodukowało ok.1000 produkcji multimedialnych.
Then, radio and television Voiceover Talents joined the team, including: Stanisław Heropolitański and Jaromir Sosnkowski. By 2000, the studio produced approximately 1,000 multimedia productions. Cooperation was undertaken, among others, with Techland (Tell me More, Tell me More Kids, "Wójek Albert's magical album with the late Henryk Machalica in the main role, Location and voice-over recordings for the game Tony Tough" - 36 voices, over 9,000 voice-over lines, fairy tales: Tęczowa Rybka, Smurfs, Mosquito the Barbarian, Alice in Wonderland Pet Racer, Pet Soccer English and Polish versions). Cooperation was established with the Komfort company - over 300 radio spots, and commercial music vol. 1-16, with Polskie Radio PR I for sound recording of „Lato z radiem” program, and production of over 100 radio spots for the program, and with over 400 individual clients.

There were also orders to compose music for commercials, shows and multimedia productions.

In the years 2000-2005, the studio operated Telekomunikacja Polska, creating all recordings for telephone switchboards (programs, horoscopes, info, fairy tales for children, etc.). As well as recordings of timetables for PKP and PKS.
Jak również nagrania rozkładów jazdy dla PKP i PKS. 2000-2003r.

In 2001 Elvis van Tomato supported the radio election campaign of 3 parties in the province. West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Within 7 days, it produced 130 radio spots along with the logistics of running a campaign in 7 radio stations, recordings of 103 candidates and copywriting.

Since 2003, the Elvis van Tomato studio has expanded its services to include foreign-language recordings immediately after a large order. Recordings of the first Polish-English multimedia dictionary in Poland. A total of 28,000 words and phrases.

In the years 2003-2012 over 250 language courses have been recorded in English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese, which were published on the market through Rzeczpospolita, Gazeta Wyborcza, Empik, Media Markt, or which themselves create an independent multimedia product.

In 2004, the studio began recording audiobooks, including The Teutonic Knights, The Doll, The Trilogy, The Peasants, Nad Niemnem, Ferdydurke, Odprawy Posłów Grackich, Persephone.

2004, among others further cartoons were voiced: Miś Uszatek, Reksio for Polish Radio, and cooperation with the MTJ company was established. A series of audiobooks for children was created, where Elvis van Tomato created the texts (thanks to Ms. Ula Piotrowska and Ewelina Kowalska for wonderful adaptations), music, effects, and voice-over.

They were: Thumbelina, Mole, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow Queen.

In 2004, we composed and recorded a whole set of festive and patriotic songs, also released by MTJ, and then another cycle of patriotic music for Rosmedia. During this period, cooperation was also established with several significant agencies in Poland. Among others Oscar Wegner, Byss, ADV, DCS, Mindchili, and K2.
W tym okresie nawiązano też współpracę z kilkoma znaczącymi agencjami w Polsce. Oscar Wegner, Byss, ADV, DCS, Mindchili, w późniejszym czasie K2. Wtedy narodził się pomysł rozszerzenia usług Elvis van Tomato o reklamę wizualną, grafikę 2 i 3D, animację komputerową, zdjęcia, oraz film.

2004-2012 the studio implements increasingly larger advertising campaigns based on sound, image, graphics, creation and logistics.
The studio acquires many new, previously unattainable clients, such as Vast Bouw (6 advertising campaigns), PKO BP bank - image campaign, MCI Management internet services from 2005-2012. WUP – 4 advertising films, Bemo Motors – 4 instructional and promotional films, each 40 minutes long. Unia Pharm – image campaign of children's medicines "Żabka Buba" and the V-QR dietary supplement. Thank you for your trust.
Dziękujemy za zaufanie.

In 2004, the studio started cooperation with Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczypospolita, Kurier Szczeciński and Dziennik Wschodni - radio commercials.

From 2006-2008 studio postproduced TV programs - Wedding TV Poland, Wedding TV Russia. Over 800 jingles for thematic programs were created. We would like to thank Ewa Sobczak, Jarek Sosnkowski, Tatiana Malinowska and Staszek Heropolitański for their cooperation. In 2011 the studio produced the first full election campaign in the province. West Pomeranian Voivodeship, which includes 32 radio spots and 30 TV spots.

In the years 2012-1016, we focused on continuing our activities mainly in the audio field, i.e. post-production, voice-over recordings, sound design, as well as on creating music for games, films and presentations.
W latach 2012-1016 skupiliśmy się na kontynuacji działalności głównie w sferze audio, czyli postprodukcji, nagrań lektorskich, udźwiękowień, a także na tworzeniu muzyki do gier, filmów, prezentacji.
Currently, since the end of 2017 the studio moved its headquarters to Warsaw. We focus on audio productions. We develop cooperation with studios throughout Europe, creating the so-called Sound Hub, a recording complex that allows European clients to make voice-over recordings in many languages with the help of Elvis van Tomato - studio.

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